This pregnancy definitely has had its ups and downs. Just when I thought I was getting better and had cut down to 2 Vistarils, I started feeling sick again and had to take more! But then today it's almost noon and I haven't taken even one! I guess Little Punkin has good days and bad days just like I do. I believe this is the month that I may start feeling the little one doing flips. I can hardly wait!! That was such a neat feeling when I was pregnant with Blake!!


Well, I'm back from the doctor and everything is progressing fine. The doctor was happy to know that I haven't spotted again. Little Punkin is fine too. He or she sat pretty still so I could hear the heartbeat. It was 148 today. I think I'll believe it's a boy, until they tell me otherwise. I'll find out the truth on June 10, if Little Punkin will allow. I have my ultrasound at 8:30 a.m. I'm NOT looking forward to drinking all that water!!!