Well, life is getting a little bit better. I have slowly begun cutting back on the Vistaril. I am hoping by the time our vacation comes at the end of May that I'm off completely!! I've noticed that I'm not as tired as I was before. I actually have had some computer time!! I'm looking forward to my doctor visit on May 5. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Week 13, which is the beginning of the second trimester.


The worst day of this pregnancy BY FAR has just happened! I woke up this morning only to find that I was spotting. I freaked!! John called the doctor, who of course, wasn't at work yet. They told him they would page her and she should call within 20 minutes. We went through this 3 times and for the first time in my life, I saw every single minute tick away for an hour's time. It was not fun. I imagined every possible bad thing that I could imagine. Then I'd look at the picture of our son hanging on our bedroom wall and try to picture a little baby in the picture with him. I'd try to concentrate on good thoughts, but the bad ones kept coming back. Finally Lauren called me. She told me not to worry and to let her know if it stopped or if it continued. So I spent the day laying around trying not to worry. I finally called back at noon and begged for an appointment to hear the heartbeat. There was no way I could wait till May 5 after this had happened. So a little after 3:30, John and I heard the precious little beat of our Little Punkin's heart. It was a nice, strong 152, and I've been on a cloud ever since. There has been no more spotting and we are thankful that Little Punkin is going to be just fine!


My allergies have really been acting up. John called the doctor because my ears were hurting, nose stopped up, etc. I went on Amoxycillin to cure any infection that was in there. I also can now take 4 Vistaril every 6 hours, since I still feel sick ALL the time.


Finally! The first doctor's appointment! We were hoping to hear the baby's heartbeat, but they figured me as 9, almost 10 weeks, and the baby is still too small. My doctor tried, but it was just too quiet. So, we had a "regular" first visit, complete with all my favorite things... pap smear, drawing blood, and a urine sample. OH JOY! I am still staying on the Vistaril. It seems to be working pretty well. The next doctor's appointment is on May 5. I'm sure I'll be here to type again before then! :)