Ok, so I'm not exactly a new woman... John called for a refill on my prescription. He told Lauren that I had been using my medication early and asked if it was ok. Of course she said, "NO!" She said that meant it wasn't working. So now I'm on a new medication called Vistaril. It's pills, which is much better than the suppositories I was on. I have learned very quickly that you don't let the time on the medicine run out! INSTANT SICK!! This is not the most wonderful time in my life by any means, but as soon as I hold "Punkin" in my arms for the first time, I'll know it was all worth it!


Today was not a good day in the wonderful world of pregnancy. I woke up feeling sick. After I took a shower, I went to lay down. I just knew I could "shake" this sick thing! WRONG! I was miserable all day! After throwing up at home and at work both, I decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I called the doctor and asked for Phenergan. (Ok, I begged!) Luckily Lauren remembered my days of being pregnant with Blake and called in a prescription for me! I just know I'll be a new woman!


The sickness begins! I have felt awful most of the week. Tonight was the night I "lost my cookies" (so to speak). I can honestly say that I have never in my life thrown up and laughed at the same time. With a 21-month-old, I can't do anything without an audience. So there I sat in the bathroom floor with Blake right beside me. When he saw me lean over toward the toilet, he was fascinated. He leaned over the toilet and coughed and gagged a couple of times. I couldn't help laughing! He repeated his little imitation of me numerous times. I am so glad that I already have a little one in my life to entertain me. I wish that I felt like running and chasing him like I used to. He's adjusting well though. He still likes for me to read to him, so I know everything is going to be ok.


John gave the card to his parents. They are very happy too! This will be their fourth grandchild.
I bought two cards with a baby on the front of each. I put a little thank you from Blake to his grandparents for taking such good care of him. Inside I put "I know you will love my little brother or sister as much as you love me!" My parents were both happy. This will be their second grandchild. John's parents will find out tomorrow!


We decided not to take another test. The fact that I have been "crashing" at 8 p.m. pretty much gives it away. I haven't felt this tired since I was pregnant with Blake! I called the doctor's office today and my first appointment is on April 7. Now to tell the grandparents to be...